The Current Date is Autumn 83/90 – Year 154 PC


In the aftermath of the collapse of the Age of Gods, the world of Jacoria has endured over one hundred years of global war before the dust settles. Without warning, a new continent appears within the ocean, unknown to all living civilizations. Curious about this new landmass, and wanting to explore (or exploit) it’s natural beauty and resources, the remaining nations of the world each send representatives to the new land, known as Edenecho.

The First Expedition, sent to Edenecho in the Summer of 153 PC, has been out for eight months, and no word has been received. You and your fellow colonists are part of the Second Expedition, sent in to investigate, provide supplies, and perhaps figure out why the First hasn’t responded yet. Your arrival occurs during the Late Spring of 154 PC.

Part 1 (Land of Wonder)

The First Expedition is found alive and well on the coastline of northwestern Edenecho, having formed a walled village known as Nytt. They welcome the Second Expedition with open arms, and help them settle into one of the three factions that hold dominion over the goings on of things. The Council, The Recon Corps, and the Historical Reclamation Society.

Through investigations done in between mapping out the new land and discovering wondrous, impossible beasts, the Council Aides discover an ongoing plot by Councilor Kita to conceal the information that any messages sent out of Edenecho never reach their destination, though things that come in seem to arrive just fine. Kita resigns in disgrace at the end of the Spring Council Season, and leaves Nytt to live in the wilds.

While out exploring the northern plains, the Recon Corps come across an incredible oddity. A ruined city, likely thousands of years old, with an immaculate temple to the dead God, Akte-Hale, standing at the center. As per Nytt’s agreement with the Historical Reclamation Society, the HRS gets first dibs on the temple, and loots the upper section of the outer walls, fighting a great stone sentry before realizing that they have no way inside.

Another group of adventurers are dispatched afterwards, and manage to make some headway before encountering an deific Echo of the dead God, Saint Croix. Even at only a tiny fraction of his old power, the Echo is able to fight the party to a near death, before being defeated. They retreat, and come back with a slightly different party before delving further in and discovering the true purpose of Edenecho from the dying (but not quite dead yet) Goddess, Skylos. She explains that the land is something of a planar well to trap any and all that cross into its borders, and that the Twelve Trials left by the previous deific Pantheon will decide who the next Gods and Goddesses will be. Adrian Schalice is tricked by his allies into completing the Trial of Akte-Hale, and becomes Nytt’s first Candidate. However, as Adrian passes the trial and allows Skylos to die with Mercy, a great danger is finally removed from it’s leash deep within Edenecho’s forests.

Part 2 (Hunter’s Season)

Sylaris of Seirolac, a historical figure well known for bringing about the collapse of the Age of Gods, lies in wait within Edenecho’s forests, ready to bring about his six Hunters of Seirolac to any who cause attention to be drawn to themselves while in the treeline. The people of Nytt are made aware of Edenecho’s true purpose, and due to some calming words from the Council and other local demagogues, they take it surprisingly well.

And so, the race was on to find the remaining temples. Who would become the Twelve Candidates of Edenecho?