The Expedition

The Ones Who Walk in Darkness (Chapter 4)
The Spiral Missive

Party: Roy, Zira, Cait, Nomo’Luun
Quest Giver: Nimroddle Gloralmath
Objectives: Return to Reality (Passed), Defeat the Dream Weaver (Passed), Keep all your Limbs (Passed), Find all Visions (Failed), Identify the Moons in the Sky (Passed), Find the Chains (Passed), Read the Journal (Passed), Help the Drinking Horns (Passed), Become a Candidate? (Passed)
2,000 gp
One Free Knowledge Check on Active Study
One Intelligence Point toward Active Project (1 Only)
Refill all Hero Points
One Paragon Rank
Pórta Pórtas – Nullifying Dwarven Sphinx Hammer (1 Only)
コᒪﬧᑭ┘ⵎ – The past present and future have mingled, and though measures were taken, a spreading of powers occurred.

  1. Brawler – N/A
  2. Scrapper – Nomo’Luun: When under 20% health, you may reroll a single d20 you have rolled before the results of the check are announced. This ability can only be used once per turn and only if you have taken damage since your last turn.
  3. Acolyte – Zira: Choose a single level one or two spell from a tradition of magic unlike your own and the same casting potency, Add that spell to your spells known.
  4. Student – Roy, Cait: As a standard action you may pay gold to purchase items at any time while in the field. The most you can spend is 20*HD gold total across all purchases. This limit is reset whenever you spend more then four hours in a settlement.

Downtime Days: 149400+X Days, -581760+X Days, 7 Days

The party headed into the depth of the west wing, hidden in darkness, ripped into time. They manage to go forward using Dr. Zhamaj Anti-Age Cream. They are whisked away into a strange fort in the middle of a city. This fort is heavily defended, with traps, monsters, and puzzles. Their they find the secrets of the past full of tragedy, the future full of cute ram people, and the present filled with something stranger, the power of godhood.

Somehow they managed to explore everything in about four hours, truly an accomplishment.

Tournament of the Endless Echo: Step up from the Streets
Five Years, Eight Contestants, The Roar of a Crowd

Party: Amelia, Fargrim
Quest Giver: Adrian Schalice and Debora Tanropi
Objectives: Have at least one Participant in each round of the Tournament (Pass)
Reward: One Paragon Rank for All, One Hero Point for All. [+2 to Checks to Influence other Citizens of Nytt {Permanent, and stacks with the first tournament}]

1st Prize – Eunomia Phandona [Golden Belt worth 500 gp, Green Destiny, One set of Moliphite Armor, Shield, or Weapon]

2nd Prize – Amelia Enroth [Silver Gauntlet worth 250 gp, One free week with a team of legal aid/auditors for accounting and forgery checking. Redeemable within the next 5 years. One set of Moliphite Armor, Shield, or Weapon]

3rd Prize – LaViolet Quarance [Bronze Headband worth 100 gp, One Free Outfit from Soul Threads, redeemable within the next year, One set of Moliphite Armor, Shield, or Weapon]

Downtime Days: 7 Days

The Tournament of the Endless Echoes has come and gone again. We saw many great fights, and experienced bitter losses as well as thrilling victories. Green Destiny enters Eunomia’s hands and heads south to Architon. For now the story is complete.

Please look forward to “Tournament of the Endless Echo 3: Francis Feedback” in five years time!

Stairway to Heaven
With a Word She Can Get What She Came For

Party: Zira, Cait, Roy, Amelia, Dodrich, Fargrim, Nomo’Luun
Quest Giver: Skylos, The Risen Phoenix
Objectives: Extract the Herb (Pass), Get the Herb to Kyndal (Pass), Distract Volvagia (Pass), Remind the world that Sailor Eden exists (Passed), Make the Base (Pass), Let the Fourth Light have his moment (Pass), Awake the Silver Light of the Mountain (Pass), Adjust Dosage of Winter Ale without Killing Neonime (Pass), Awake Neonime (Pass),
+2 Conscious Lights
1 Hero Point for everyone who participated in the Kyndal RP Event for the Herb Movement
Various Relationship Changes

Downtime Days: 10 Days

The party works together to extract and fly the Roeish Herb to Kyndal. They use world class knowledge of plants, flying skills and alchemy. They use cosplay and speeches and anger. But as they all meet in Kyndal they see a miracle. A son awaking his father. A daughter meeting her mother.

Bearing the Weight of the World
You're on the Threshold of an Amazing Adventure.

Party: Zira, Cait, Roy, Amelia, Dodrich, Fargrim
Quest Giver: The Humanoids of the World
Objectives: Fortify the Camp (Passed), Buff with so much magic you made Cait almost throw up from the rainbow (Passed), Defeat the Sigma by draining the lake (Failed), Defeat the Sigma by destroying all seven crowns (Passed), Unlock the mystery behind Lato’s “Ever After” (Failed).
-Starshot Shard Ring Once per day when failing a saving throw vs an ongoing harmful effect, you may delay the onset by one round.
-One Roeish Herb (Choose wisely where the one herb goes)
-One Paragon Rank for All
-One Hero Point for All
-One Faction XP for All
-Proficiency in the Ursine Language

Downtime Days: 11 Days

The party heads to Bowlt Lake to battle with the leader of their oldest foe. The Sigma of the Bear Snakes. There they build fortifications and waited. As a thousand hybrids raised their voices and sang the goliath emerged. Five heads, claws that could repave villages, and seven artifacts of unmeasurable wealth and value. They fought long and hard, surpassing the realm of the possible, but in the end they won. As the foe stood about to die though, it unleashed it’s final miracle, transforming it’s people into humanoids in the hopes that they would be spared. With that Moyo Hali died, a name known well around certain circles in Nytt.

The Lost Archives
Adrian's Last Hurrah

Party: Adrian, Nomo’luun, Charles LaCroix, Cadenza Anam
Quest Giver: Reclaimer Nimroddle Gloralmath
Objectives: Check in with Reclaimer Gloralmath (Passed), Make your way into the Lost Archives Wing (Passed), Spot the Mechanical Trap (Passed), Resist the Temptation of the Alphababel Soup (Failed), Resist the Temptation of the Cricket’s Tune (Failed), Rescue your teammates from madness (Passed), Find the hidden Strings of Sovendis (Passed), Discover Sovendis’ Journals (Passed), Engage the Guardian of Knowledge in a Duel of Wits (Passed)
-1,200 gp in precious non-magical artifacts
-Universal Translator [Neck Slot]May speak any language for 1d4 rounds per day. Includes Animal Language.
-One Free Check toward Active Study
-One Intelligence Point toward Active Project
-One Paragon Rank for All
-One Hero Point for All

Downtime Days: 1 Day

The party delves deeper into the lair of the Ones Who Walk in Darkness, searching for some clue that will help them defeat Volvagia. They discover their reward in the Strings of Sovendis; The very first Lute ever made, said to be capable of lulling any creature into a sleepy daze, even that of a God. With this instrument, it would be feasibly possible to enact the proposed ritual to weaken the Face of Fear without him destroying everyone immediately.

The Rat's Labyrinth
Trapped for a Month

Party: Zira, Amelia, Cait, Fargrim, Dodrich
Quest Giver: Edenecho
Objectives: Discern the exact location of the Virulent Vermin’s fortress in a snowstorm (Passed), Speak with Vertasi, the ever-ready to retreat Gate Guard (Passed), Attempt to find an alternate route into the fortress (Failed), Track Vertasi down and defeat the treacherous Myzzom of the Green (Passed), Enter the Rat’s Labyrinth, and encounter Zaul Galimak (Passed), Face down the Trial of the Shifting Specters (Passed), Face down the Trial of the Shifting Shrouds (Passed), Lay Judas Vertasi to his final rest (Passed), Have a heartfelt goodbye for lost friends (Passed), Decide on a new Candidate for the people of Nytt (Passed)
-2,000 gp worth of precious gems
-Vertasi’s Longsword (Greater Vampiric Longsword, with an Amethyst in the pommel worth 500 gp) [One Only]
-Binding Chain of the Vermin’s Embrace [Belt] – Zira only
-Three Faction Experience for All
-Two Paragon Rank for All
-Two Hero Points for All

Downtime Days: 14 Days

The party engages on an Expedition into the Acrid Mire, intent on entering Ruoni’s Trial and grasping the Candidacy for Zira. On their way, they’re met with several deadly obstacles, including a Dullhan High Priest, an Ancient Resurrected Dragon Construct, their own insecurities, and most horrifyingly of all, the souls of many of their departed friends, twisted into earthen shells and forced to fight them.

At the end of it all, Zira and the newly rediscovered Zaul make their way into the Domain, each intent on taking the seat for themselves. However, the discovery of Ruoni herself, and the revelation that both they, Ayano Kita, and Markarian Sollemnia were all direct descendants of the Virulent Vermin, leaves a bad taste in Zaul’s mouth. He opts to forgo his attempt for the Trial Site and leaves for greener pastures. Zira faces her destiny head on, and claims the power that had been waiting for her all those years, becoming Nytt’s Fourth active Candidate.

Resetting the Board
With special guest: Arc-Hion

Party: Adrian, Cait, Zira, Amelia, Roy
Questgiver: Council of Nytt
Objectives: Make friendly contact with the other major powers of Nytt [Not including Volvagia] (Passed), Throw out some ideas for how to defeat the Wyrm (Passed), Stop in-fighting from occurring while Volvagia eats some popcorn (Passed), Ask Arc-Hion at least one question (Passed), Don’t let Adrian’s brain turn into a puddle (Passed)
-Delegate Vestments [Body Slot Upgrade to Delegate Robes] (May discharge Delegate Robe ability to grant Greater Heroism for 1d4 Minutes)
-Candidate Preparation Level (5/9)
-Anti-God Ritual Preparation (0/3)
-God-Slaying Weapon Preparation (0/5)
-Two Faction Experience for Adrian and Cait
-One Hero Point for All

Downtime Days: 7 Days

The Winter Summit is held within the city of Omada, on the far northeastern shore of Edenecho. During the proceedings, it is discussed that further study should be done upon the supposed Anti-Divinity Ritual, Anti-God Weapon, and the study of a massive Ei Svieldz to keep Volvagia in one spot when the counter-assault finally occurs.

The Mystic Era God Arc-Hion also shows up, connecting his mind through Adrian’s body. He relays that it is he who is responsible for the static blocking Communications around Edenecho, and offers to clear it up a bit. Though he will not drop the barrier between Edenecho and the outside world, he offers to return to them in the year 160 PC for another chat.

Back in Nytt, Serien Messer is banished for his crimes, leaving him few places to go with Architon wanting him for execution. He disappears into the streets of Omada, taking on a new persona to blend in upon the crowds. But now…how would any find him to discuss the Candidacy Unification part of the ritual?

Black Fire Upon Us: A-Side - Tipping the Scales
Way too far in one direction

Party: Amelia, Cait, Nomoluun
Questgiver: Nytt Council
Objectives: Defend the Docks while Charles puts out his signal (Passed), Save Dockman Danny (Passed), Save as many civilians as possible (Passed), Bypass the Fiery Longhouse (Passed), Kill the Dreadscale (Passed)
-Increased Relation with three Nytt NPCs [Two Steps, Max Helpful] (All)
-Acquiescent Relation with Chan’Gei Bowlt (Nomoluun only)
-Three Faction Experience for All
-One Paragon Rank for All
-Two Hero Points for All

Downtime Days: 12 (to begin picking up the pieces)

Nytt is assaulted by dragons. There are…at least a few survivors.

Black Fire Upon Us: A-Side - Dream of Mirrors
A man who sees only in black and white

Party: Zira, Adrian, Fargrim, Dodrich
Quest Giver: Nytt Council
Objectives: Treat with Sylaris of Seirolac (Passed), Help defend the village (Passed), Ensure minimal casualties (Passed), Kill the Dreadscale (Passed), Offer aid in the aftermath (Passed)
-Universal Increased Attitude with all remaining Hunters by one Step (Except Zira)
-Vic’Shoal Phantom [Increase Relation by 3 Steps] (Zira Only)
-Three Faction Experience for All
-One Paragon Rank for All
-Two Hero Points for All

Downtime Days: 24 Days

The Delegates of Nytt set out to New Seirolac to discuss things with Sylaris. During the midst of their talks, Volvagian forces attack the village en masse. Thanks to the efforts of the delegates, New Seirolac suffers minimal casualties, though heavy structural damage. Sylaris settles on putting aside differences, and agrees to a summit to discuss the nature of Candidacy and the destruction of Volvagia.

The Ones Who Walk In Darkness (Chapter 1)
Saelonial, the Cindered Sarcophagus

Party: Zira, Adrian, Cait, Dodrich
Quest Giver: Reclaimer Nimroddle Gloralmath
Objectives: Make proper contact with the HRS (Passed), Go on a tour of potential areas to explore (Passed), Decide on a course of action (Passed), Get trapped in the oven (Passed), Lay Saelonial’s soul to rest (Passed)
-1,000 gp
-One Free Knowledge Check toward an Active Study
-Tattoo of the Sudden Flame [Tatttoo Slot]Grants the User the ability to superheat an object once per day, as per Heat Metal. May also affect wood or stone.
-One Paragon Rank for Cait
-One Hero Point for All

Downtime Days: 9 Days

The party dives back into the Lost Archives, doing battle with an ancient censoring spirit of flame and cremation. They come out the other side, a bit scorched.


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