The Expedition

An Elkritch Horror

No elk were harmed in the making of this encounter

Party: Adrian, Zira, Hardren, Alex
Quest Giver: Councilor Charles LaCroix
Objectives: Investigate the spiritual anomaly (Passed), Defeat the Golemold Creatures (Passed), Brave the edge of the forest (Passed)
Reward: 1 Character Experience for All. 1 Faction Experience for Adrian and Zira. 250 gp in old books and jewelry. One favor from Councilor LaCroix.
Golemold Bracelets (Fashionable bracers made of a living mold. Always smell slightly of mildew. May grab things from ten feet away.) [Wrist Slot]
Total Time Passed: 7 days (1 week)

The party is hired on by Councilor LaCroix to investigate a spiritual disturbance to the east of Nytt. They come across an ancient broken tombstone, and set about collecting the pieces to put it back together.

Along their way, they fight fearsomely hard creatures of stone and mold, and face down the edge of the forest. The end leaves them with their mission completed, but also with more questions than answers.



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