The Expedition

Black Fire Upon Us: A-Side - Dream of Mirrors

A man who sees only in black and white

Party: Zira, Adrian, Fargrim, Dodrich
Quest Giver: Nytt Council
Objectives: Treat with Sylaris of Seirolac (Passed), Help defend the village (Passed), Ensure minimal casualties (Passed), Kill the Dreadscale (Passed), Offer aid in the aftermath (Passed)
-Universal Increased Attitude with all remaining Hunters by one Step (Except Zira)
-Vic’Shoal Phantom [Increase Relation by 3 Steps] (Zira Only)
-Three Faction Experience for All
-One Paragon Rank for All
-Two Hero Points for All

Downtime Days: 24 Days

The Delegates of Nytt set out to New Seirolac to discuss things with Sylaris. During the midst of their talks, Volvagian forces attack the village en masse. Thanks to the efforts of the delegates, New Seirolac suffers minimal casualties, though heavy structural damage. Sylaris settles on putting aside differences, and agrees to a summit to discuss the nature of Candidacy and the destruction of Volvagia.



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