The Expedition


Two-Thousand and Forty-Two Days to Go

Party: Adrian, Zira, Zaul, Amelia, Kim
Quest Giver: Councilor Charles LaCroix
Objectives: Hang out for lunch and dinner on a nice hill (Passed), Stand in formation to start the ritual (Passed), Defeat the Guardian of Knowledge (Passed), Stay in formation to watch a glimpse beyond the veil (Failed)
Reward: A donation to the Construction District in the names of Zira and Kim, a donation to the Silver Curtain Project in the name of Adrian, Funding of Amelia’s Overture Search Mission, One Character Experience for All, One Faction Experience for Adrian, Zira, and Zaul
Total Time Passed: One Day

Councilor LaCroix gets a group of people to go stargazing up on a hill. Some Spiritcrafters reach a little closer toward the heavens while some Tertiary casters fight off a massive phantasmal shadow dragon, sent to guard forbidden knowledge.

In the end, their rewarding vision is cut short, due to a poorly timed restroom break.



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