The Expedition

Early Bird Gets the Worm

And Late Bird gets the Wyrm

Party: Adrian, Amelia, Roy, Zira, Cait, Fargrim, Nomoluun, Dodrich
Quest Giver: Councilor Molton Anam
Objectives: Win the lottery! (Passed), Don’t splice together during teleportation travel (Passed), Ask some questions on the tour (Passed), Meet up with a few of the Lights (Passed), Investigate the Coma Lights (Passed), Be cordial with the First Light (Passed-ish)
-Increased Relation with one Citizen of Kyndal [No Skylos] (Max: Friendly)
-Delegate Robes [Body Slot] – Grants the effects of Heroism for 1d4 hours after using the Nexus Teleportation System.
-One Faction Experience for All

Total Time Passed: One Day

The grand opening of the Nexus Teleportation System is held in Nytt, and a lucky group of ten is chosen to help Councilor Molton Anam go and say hello to the Elves of Kyndal. While there, the party is free to partake in their culture for a day.



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