The Expedition

Festival of the Second Coming

This time with no unexpected Hunter attacks!

Party: Amelia, Zira, Adrian, Roy, Zana, Ondo, Cait, Ariki
Quest Giver: Nytt
Objectives: Have at least one Participant in each of the Tournaments (Passed),
Reward: One Character Experience for Adrian, Roy, Zana, Ondo, Cait and Ariki. Two Faction Experience for All.

Game Recaps

Exhilarating Seaside Survival Circle

Five Teams Enter. Four Teams Leave. After a bit of a mishap involving an experimental Ice Engine, Team 1’s Ship is destroyed and they’re forced to take refuge on First Off the Boat’s party boat. The finale is an exciting duel between Ondo, who has recruited several members of the Third Expedition, and Ca’Maroon, who has recruited a rag-tag group to slyly work his way to the front of the pack. In the end, Ondo emerges victorious.

[New Construction District Research Availble: Experimental Speedboat

Nytt’s Brightest Futures

Word Play and Clinically Insane battle it out against Bonefish in a struggle to vie for the top. Sadly for all of them, Hollylynn Farmeadown returns to town to smoke them.

[Citizens of Nytt may now make Untrained Knowledge checks up to DC 15. If you have all Knowledges trained, you instead receive a free Skill Focus feat in the Knowledge of your choice.]

The Gourmetnament

Turnout is not exceptional for the finale feast battle, but the two teams still give it their all. In the end, exceptional presentation on the part of Maid to Order is not enough to best the flavors of Deep North Dishes, and a Cervino is named Iron Chef. Nytt had elected an Elk as the best of them; What a circus.

[20 Days of Free Rations to all Adventurers. Cervino Rights Movement Begins.]

Game Prizes

SeaSide Race

1st Prize – Ondo [Golden Ship’s Bell worth 500 gp]
2nd Prize – Ca’Maroon [Silver Anchor worth 250 gp]
3rd Prize – Zira [Bronze Decorative Harpoon worth 100 gp]

Nytt’s Brightest Futures

1st Prize – Hollylynn and Corvus {Dance of Knowledge} [Golden Question Mark worth 500 gp]
2nd Prize – Adrian, Winona, Fizzlewake, and LaCroix {Word Play and Bonefish} [Silver Question Mark worth 250 gp]
3rd Prize – Zira and Zana {Clinically Insane} [Bronze Question Mark worth 100 gp]

The Gourmetnament

1st Prize – Idunn, Arrawran, and Hardren {Deep North Dishes} [Masterwork Golden Spatula worth 500 gp]
2nd Prize – Winona, Cadenza, and Adrian {Maid to Order} [Masterwork Silverware worth 250 gp]

Total Time Passed: A Week of Set-Up and a Week of Games (14 Days) {If you participated in any games, you receive only 2 Downtime Days per Event you didn’t participate in}



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