The Expedition

Forging the Trident

In a literal sense

Party: Adrian, Arturia, Cait, and Ariki
Quest Giver: Acting Recon Commander Molton Anam
Objectives: Check in at Dogma (Passed), Make some pretty maps (Passed), Liberate at least one ancient magical weapon (Passed), Defeat at least one ancient guardian (Passed)
-Riverlander Headwrap [Headband Slot] – Made from Sharkskin (Turned outwardly so it doesn’t cut the user with it’s edge). +1 to Intimidate Checks per 4 Hit Dice.
-1,600 gp
-One Character Experience for Arturia, Cait, and Ariki
-One Faction Experience for Arturia and Ariki
-{Grounding} and {Ominous} added to available Weapon Enchantments

Total Time Passed: 33 Days

A group of brave souls decides to go and finish mapping out the wild area between the Radiant Cathedral and the Burdened Halls, coming across a lot more belongings of Dead Failed Candidates than they expected. Still, a very lucrative outing altogether.



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