The Expedition

Hard Rock Reunion Tour: A-Side

With Heavy Metal Tracks

Party: Zira, Adrian, Arturia, Ariki
Quest Giver: Hollylynn Farmeadow
Objectives: Meet up with Esclabor and chat (Passed), Delve through the Caves (Passed), Defeat the Powerwolves (Passed), Successfully extract the Lead (Passed)
-Sash of Emergency Energy [Belt Slot] – Activates when Unconscious or Helpless. Deals 2d6 Electric Damage to any creature attempting a coup de gras against you. Works 1/day. {Adrian, Arturia, and Ariki only}
-The Ashworthy Powerglove [Hand Slot] – May deal electric damage with Unarmed Strike instead of Bludgeoning. Deals half damage back to user; Cannot be mitigated by resistance. {Zira only}
-800 gp
-One Character Experience for Adrian, Arturia, and Ariki

Total Time Passed: 5 Days (Shared with Hard Rock Reunion Tour: B-Side)

The First party descends into the Silver Spider Mines, looking to get the lead out in large quantities. On their journey, they come across a very shocking pack of wolves, and some terribly drawn molemaps. Also, in true metal fashion, Adrian eats a bat.



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