The Expedition

Hard Rock Reunion Tour: B-Side

With Mosh Pits and Aggressive Security

Party: Amelia, Ondo, Cait, and {Gloralmath}
Quest Giver: Hollylynn Farmeadow
Objectives: Meet up with Esclabor and chat (Passed), Delve through the Caves (Passed), Defeat the Ferropter Swarms (Passed), Defeat the Golden Crysmals (Passed)
-Crysmal Weapon with Golden-Trimmed Hilt {User’s Choice} (Crysmal Weapons act as Liquid Glass material)
-800 gp
-One Character Experience for Ondo and Cait

Total Time Passed: 5 Days (Shared with Hard Rock Reunion Tour: A-Side)

The Second party descends into the Silver Spider Mines, seeking out some Crysmals that Esclabor is pretty sure he saw scuttling along down there. Firstly, they must pass the trial of the ironbats. After a reasonably quite ordeal, they descend further and find a veritable treasure room of materials, including several solid spots for Gold and Diamond mining.



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