The Expedition

Harvest Festival

With more literal harvesting than one would expect

Party: Adrian, Zira, Amelia, Zaul, Astrid, Zana, Kim, Roy
Quest Giver: Nytt
Objectives: Have at least one Participant in each of the Tournaments (Passed),
Reward: One Character Experience for All. Two Faction Experience for All.
Purple Destiny (Sacred Longsword) [Astrid Only]
One Zodiac Age Cidoperian Copper Piece [Adrian Only]
New Research Available ‘Ratieldic Fluid’

Tournament Recaps
Tournament of the Endless Echo

[+2 to Checks to Influence other Citizens of Nytt {Permanent}]

Hunter’s Season

[+4 to One Roll while on a Hunting Mission {Usable Once Per Mission}]

Days of Waves

[20 Free Rations, +1 Survival Checks while on the Sea {Permanent}]

Game Prizes
Tournament of the Endless Echo

1st Prize – Amelia Enroth [Golden Belt worth 500 gp]
2nd Prize – Joseph Crowell [Silver Gauntlet worth 250 gp]
3rd Prize – Adrian Schalice [Bronze Headband worth 100 gp]

Hunter’s Season

1st Prize – Zaul Galimak {Dinner and a Show} [Golden Goblet worth 500 gp]
2nd Prize – Astrid Wolfrunner {Natural Remedy} [Silver Plate worth 250 gp]
3rd Prize – Ca’Maroon Calisson {Reading Rainbow} [Bronze Fork worth 100 gp]

Days of Waves

1st Prize – Kim Si-Yeon Sunjong & Roy {Deep Sea Venture} [Gold Fish Head worth 500 gp]
2nd Prize – Corvus the Skybound {Dockside Fishing Rod} [Silver Fishing Hat worth 250 gp]
3rd Prize – Vincent Rimecrest {River Spearing} [Bronze Fishing Rod worth 100 gp]

Total Time Passed: A Week of Tournaments (7 Days)



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