The Expedition

Northern Acrid Mire Exploration

Now introducing Cervino nerf patch

Party: Adrian, Zira, Amelia, Ondo, Arturia

Quest Giver: Recon Corps Commander Enroth
Objectives: Map things real nice (Passed), Properly roleplay the hell of humid weather (Passed), Chase down Ser Vertasi through increasingly difficult challenges (Passed), Defeat the ancient Dracolich (Passed), Glean some level of information toward the Rat’s Labyrinth (Passed)
-2,000 Gold Pieces
-Echogator Boots [Feet Slot]: Allows user to walk on water for 10 Rounds per Day {Zira, Ondo, and Arturia only}
-Gatorpelt Cummerbund *[Belt Slot]: Grounds the User from supersonic vibrations, granting Resist 5 Sonic. Extremely Stylish. {Adrian and Amelia only}
-Phosphorus Fungus added to the Herbalism chart
-One Faction Experience to Amelia and Zira
- One Character Experience for Arturia

Downtime Days: 8 Weeks and a Day (57 Days) [Overlaps with 22 Days of Southwestern Acrid Mire Exploration]

The second part of the Mire Exploration is underway! Along their nearly two month excursion, the party is met with such horrific dangers as foul-smelling swamps, hot and humid weather, a mandatory bath-scene, a Dracolich, and a cowardly undead knight who just didn’t know when to fight and when to quit.



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