The Expedition

One Cold Winter's Night

Now with giant eels

Party: Adrian, Zira, Roy
Quest Giver: Councilor LaCroix
Objectives: Dive into the Freezing Waters (Passed), Don’t drown (Passed), Drive in the silver spikes (Passed), Escape the Gargantuan Edenic Angler Eel (Passed), Successfully complete the Ritual on your first try (Passed)
One Favor from Councilor LaCroix
One Character Experience for All
Total Time Passed: 2 Days

The coldest night of the year has arrived as two-thirds of the party reluctantly climbs aboard a boat to dive into the freezing ocean waters of Edenecho. Throughout their journey on the nightly seas, they come across such dangers as hypothermia, frostbite, and eels too big to possibly exist.



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