The Expedition

Phantom Blood

Should have called it Metallica

Party: Hein, Adrian, Zira, Arduin, Amelia
Quest Giver: HRS Curator Giorgio Nilarask
Objectives: Learn to Swim (Passed), Learn to Climb (Pass), Defeat some Spiders and a lot of Metal-Eating Bats
Reward: One Character Experience for All. One Faction Experience for Hein. 400 gp in silver stock for the future mines.
Total Time Passed: Three Days

The party accompanies Curator Nilarask on a journey into the plains to find a cave full of metal-eating bats. Along the way, they learn the value of solid footing, a bit of rope, and the ability to use a bathtub as a boat. In the end, they discover a respectable area for an Iron and Silver mine.



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