The Expedition

Resetting the Board

With special guest: Arc-Hion

Party: Adrian, Cait, Zira, Amelia, Roy
Questgiver: Council of Nytt
Objectives: Make friendly contact with the other major powers of Nytt [Not including Volvagia] (Passed), Throw out some ideas for how to defeat the Wyrm (Passed), Stop in-fighting from occurring while Volvagia eats some popcorn (Passed), Ask Arc-Hion at least one question (Passed), Don’t let Adrian’s brain turn into a puddle (Passed)
-Delegate Vestments [Body Slot Upgrade to Delegate Robes] (May discharge Delegate Robe ability to grant Greater Heroism for 1d4 Minutes)
-Candidate Preparation Level (5/9)
-Anti-God Ritual Preparation (0/3)
-God-Slaying Weapon Preparation (0/5)
-Two Faction Experience for Adrian and Cait
-One Hero Point for All

Downtime Days: 7 Days

The Winter Summit is held within the city of Omada, on the far northeastern shore of Edenecho. During the proceedings, it is discussed that further study should be done upon the supposed Anti-Divinity Ritual, Anti-God Weapon, and the study of a massive Ei Svieldz to keep Volvagia in one spot when the counter-assault finally occurs.

The Mystic Era God Arc-Hion also shows up, connecting his mind through Adrian’s body. He relays that it is he who is responsible for the static blocking Communications around Edenecho, and offers to clear it up a bit. Though he will not drop the barrier between Edenecho and the outside world, he offers to return to them in the year 160 PC for another chat.

Back in Nytt, Serien Messer is banished for his crimes, leaving him few places to go with Architon wanting him for execution. He disappears into the streets of Omada, taking on a new persona to blend in upon the crowds. But now…how would any find him to discuss the Candidacy Unification part of the ritual?



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