The Expedition

Scouting Legion (Act II)

With Complimentary Cooking Episode

Party: Hardren, Adrian, Amelia, Arduin
Quest Giver: Recon Corps Lieutenant Molton Anam
Objectives: Finish mapping out the Southern Plains (Success), Keep an eye out for strange things (Success), Defeat the Winter Weasels (Success)
Reward: 1 Character Experience for All. 1 Faction Experience for Hardren. 500 gp in precious gems. Winter Weasel Scarf [Provides protection from Cold Environments as per Endure Elements. Extremely fashionable.] {Shoulder Slot}
Total Time Passed: 14 days (2 weeks)

The party is brought on to map out some southern plains, and does so with exceptional skill. On their path, they discover such cryptic local legends as ‘The Giant Primate’, ‘Forest Man’, and most importantly, ‘Four-Course Horse Meal’. Their battle against the trio of Winter Weasels summoning the icy chill of the opposite season will be spoken of in song for years to come.



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