The Expedition

Spirit Cruiselines

No refunds

Party: Adrian, Arturia, Cait, Fargrim, Dodrich
Quest Giver: Captain Iaera Pegason
Objectives: Sail out and survive the seas (Passed), Manage to board the ghost ship (Passed), Make peaceful contact with the Saint Croix Separatists (Passed), Learn of their tale (Passed), Escape before they return to the Boundary (Almost Failed)
1,000 gp
Research into the Edenic Field (Tier 0) [2/3]

Downtime Days: One Week (7 Days)

The party sets out to the seas with Iaera and her crew to investigate sightings of a so-called ‘Ghost Ship’ near the edge of the Edenic Field. Their search reveals an ancient ship carrying a crew out of sync with conventional time, riding the boundary between day and dream. They determine them to be members of the Order of the Drifting Cloud, a separatist Faction of Saint Croix worshippers who prefer to focus on the realm of dreams, rather than nightmares and control over others. Among the oddities the party comes across in their crew are sailors able to manifest their personal feelings of fear into physical form, and the figure of a mythical Devil, contracted to aid the captain in his research.

In the end, the party departs from the Order’s ship before they return into the Edenic Field, an anomaly that they refer to as a Boundary. Would the crew be seen again? Only time would truly tell.



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