The Expedition

Spring Cleaning

Just a stone's throw from Bowlt's Outpost

Party: Adrian, Zana, Ondo, Arturia, Cait
Quest Giver: Recon Commander Chan’Gei Bowlt
Objectives: Discuss the Ritual of the Swords and the Stone (Passed), Properly fend off an early morning ambush (Passed), Face down the Giant Cockatrice (Passed), Build a nice shelter for the Bowlt statue (Kinda Passed), Complete the Ritual to contain the radiation (Passed)
Five Pounds of Chorander Ore {May be kept, or sold for 1750 gp}
One Masterwork Pure Chorander Weapon {None for Adrian}
One Character Experience for All
Total Time Passed: 10 Days

The team heads out to discuss the best way to clean up a meteorite of Chorander that’s been leaking radiation into the surrounding forest and waterways. Fortunately, Commander Bowlt has a plan to enact a ritual that will leave everyone better off. As with all post-turkey encounters though, the Commander is left weighing a few pounds more.



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