The Expedition

Stairway to Heaven

With a Word She Can Get What She Came For

Party: Zira, Cait, Roy, Amelia, Dodrich, Fargrim, Nomo’Luun
Quest Giver: Skylos, The Risen Phoenix
Objectives: Extract the Herb (Pass), Get the Herb to Kyndal (Pass), Distract Volvagia (Pass), Remind the world that Sailor Eden exists (Passed), Make the Base (Pass), Let the Fourth Light have his moment (Pass), Awake the Silver Light of the Mountain (Pass), Adjust Dosage of Winter Ale without Killing Neonime (Pass), Awake Neonime (Pass),
+2 Conscious Lights
1 Hero Point for everyone who participated in the Kyndal RP Event for the Herb Movement
Various Relationship Changes

Downtime Days: 10 Days

The party works together to extract and fly the Roeish Herb to Kyndal. They use world class knowledge of plants, flying skills and alchemy. They use cosplay and speeches and anger. But as they all meet in Kyndal they see a miracle. A son awaking his father. A daughter meeting her mother.



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