The Expedition

Stonewalled Politics

When telling scary campfire stories goes too far. Directed by David Lynch

Party: Zira, Adrian, Amelia, Roy, Zana
Quest Giver: Zira
Objectives: Avoid sleeping in the storm (Passed), Find a suitable quarry site within a week (Passed), Decide how to deal with a bunch of sleepy molemen (Passed), Form an alliance with the native species to work for you (Passed)
Reward: 70 Platinum, One Favor from Councilor Crowell,
Lucky Moleman Rock [Slotless] Will vibrate when within twenty feet of a particular mineral {Must be attuned to a mineral first}
One Character Experience for All, One Faction Experience for All
Total Time Passed: 48 Hours (2 Days)

The gang sets out to find a suitable rock quarry so Crowell can finally build his new wall and Nytt can upgrade the materials to make their newer buildings. Along the way, they run afoul of a nasty thunderstorm and preemptively take shelter in a nearby cave.

After telling a few scary stories by campfire (only one of which was actually scary), the team decides to call it a night. As Adrian attempts to go to bed, he finds a bipedal moleman, straight out of Zira’s accidental comedy story, waiting within to go to sleep itself. Adrian does so and allows the creature to rest. Zira screams.

The next morning, in return for not killing them in the night, the moleman (known as Esclabor according to Adrian), agrees to lead them to some good rocks in return for some tasty ferropters to munch on. The party floats and walks down the underwater river to find a pack of just those, and proceed to bludgeon and roast them for Esclabor to stuff his face.

In the end, the Moleman and his five friends decide to start learning the art of mining, and agree to do what they can to help. Far away, Hollylynn takes one step closer toward smothering Adrian in his sleep.



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