The Expedition

Temple of the Horse (First Delve)

Complete with Indoor Water Park

Party: Adrian, Amelia, Zira, and Nodin
Quest Giver: The Town of Nytt
Objectives: Discover a way inside the temple (Passed), Solve the first indoor puzzle (Passed), Solve the second indoor puzzle (Passed)
Reward: One Character Experience for All. Two Faction Experience for All. 1500gp worth of historical artifacts, Cornerstone of Civilization [Slotless] {May use once per day in lieu of class point pool (Rounds of Bardic Performance, Rage, Channel Energy, Grit, etc)}
Total Time Passed: 7 day (1 Week)

The party marks the first true dive into the Temple of Akte-Hale, solving riddles, puzzles, and even a bit of a battle against a constructed opponent, bearing a striking resemblance to a dead God. In the end, they decide to return to Nytt with their lives today, intent on returning to the Temple, and hopefully other ruins, in the future for further adventure, knowledge, and profit.



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