The Expedition

The Crimson Canine

"That's no rock."

Party: Vania, Roy, Hein, Adrian
Quest Giver: Councilor Ashworthy
Objectives: Find and retrieve the canine (Pass), retrieve it alive (Pass)
Reward: 1 Character Experience for All. 1 Faction Experience for Vania, Roy, Adrian. 400 gold in potions or scrolls, and an Itchy red dog fur sweater (Body slot, fire res 2)
Total Time Passed: 14 Days (2 Weeks)

The party met at the Longhouse, where they met up with Councilor Ashworthy for more information on a job he had requested, to find and retrieve a large red canine that supposedly had resistance to fire. The party traveled 6 days to find the beast. When they did find it’s habitat they found some discarded fur the size of a pony. Putting their heads together the party got an accurate estimate of how large this beast was, and used the fur as a scent camouflage.

Following a trail they eventually found the beast, 10’ tall and at least 15’ long it was hiding in a pond, waiting for elk to drink from it so it could ambush them. Luckily through teamwork and good planning they were able to subdue the beast without killing it. They managed to return home with the beast, an ancient shield with the symbol of an old god…. and maybe new respect for one another.


Probably not that last one.



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