The Expedition

The Lost Archives

Adrian's Last Hurrah

Party: Adrian, Nomo’luun, Charles LaCroix, Cadenza Anam
Quest Giver: Reclaimer Nimroddle Gloralmath
Objectives: Check in with Reclaimer Gloralmath (Passed), Make your way into the Lost Archives Wing (Passed), Spot the Mechanical Trap (Passed), Resist the Temptation of the Alphababel Soup (Failed), Resist the Temptation of the Cricket’s Tune (Failed), Rescue your teammates from madness (Passed), Find the hidden Strings of Sovendis (Passed), Discover Sovendis’ Journals (Passed), Engage the Guardian of Knowledge in a Duel of Wits (Passed)
-1,200 gp in precious non-magical artifacts
-Universal Translator [Neck Slot]May speak any language for 1d4 rounds per day. Includes Animal Language.
-One Free Check toward Active Study
-One Intelligence Point toward Active Project
-One Paragon Rank for All
-One Hero Point for All

Downtime Days: 1 Day

The party delves deeper into the lair of the Ones Who Walk in Darkness, searching for some clue that will help them defeat Volvagia. They discover their reward in the Strings of Sovendis; The very first Lute ever made, said to be capable of lulling any creature into a sleepy daze, even that of a God. With this instrument, it would be feasibly possible to enact the proposed ritual to weaken the Face of Fear without him destroying everyone immediately.



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