The Expedition

The Ones Who Walk in Darkness (Chapter 0)

Ashes and Aneurysms

Party: Zira, Adrian, Fargrim, Dodrich
Quest Giver: Reclaimer Nimroddle Gloralmath
Objectives: Meet up and discuss initial clues (Passed), Descend into the Crevasse of Curses (Passed), Have the bravery to defeat the front door handle (Passed), Muse on the nature of the six statues (Passed), Defeat the haunt before all of your paper-based materials burn up (Passed), Exorcise the haunt by achieving it’s destruction condition (Passed), Escape from the Glyph of Bloodletting before you bleed out (Passed)
-500 gp
-Three Free Knowledge Checks on Active Studies
-Badge of Revealing Light [Chest Slot]Acts as per a Light spell, with a duration that can be flipped on and off at will.
-One Faction Experience for All

Downtime Days: 9 Days

The party travels to Dogma on the request of Nimroddle Gloralmath, head of the Historical Reclamation Society. He advises them to enter a recently discovered crevasse that’s opened up in the ground after some light summer flooding, to explore the new structure that has been uncovered within. They delve down, finding the symbol of a stack of books, shrouded in a sheet. Within the structure itself, an ancient haunting phantom sets fire to their books and papers, and a cursed symbol causes them to bleed from their entire selves. Truly, this was a place of curses and misfortune. But it finally lent the answer to a question that many had been asking for years.

Where did all the failed Candidates of the Grove of Arms congregate?



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