The Expedition

The Ones Who Walk in Darkness (Chapter 4)

The Spiral Missive

Party: Roy, Zira, Cait, Nomo’Luun
Quest Giver: Nimroddle Gloralmath
Objectives: Return to Reality (Passed), Defeat the Dream Weaver (Passed), Keep all your Limbs (Passed), Find all Visions (Failed), Identify the Moons in the Sky (Passed), Find the Chains (Passed), Read the Journal (Passed), Help the Drinking Horns (Passed), Become a Candidate? (Passed)
2,000 gp
One Free Knowledge Check on Active Study
One Intelligence Point toward Active Project (1 Only)
Refill all Hero Points
One Paragon Rank
Pórta Pórtas – Nullifying Dwarven Sphinx Hammer (1 Only)
コᒪﬧᑭ┘ⵎ – The past present and future have mingled, and though measures were taken, a spreading of powers occurred.

  1. Brawler – N/A
  2. Scrapper – Nomo’Luun: When under 20% health, you may reroll a single d20 you have rolled before the results of the check are announced. This ability can only be used once per turn and only if you have taken damage since your last turn.
  3. Acolyte – Zira: Choose a single level one or two spell from a tradition of magic unlike your own and the same casting potency, Add that spell to your spells known.
  4. Student – Roy, Cait: As a standard action you may pay gold to purchase items at any time while in the field. The most you can spend is 20*HD gold total across all purchases. This limit is reset whenever you spend more then four hours in a settlement.

Downtime Days: 149400+X Days, -581760+X Days, 7 Days

The party headed into the depth of the west wing, hidden in darkness, ripped into time. They manage to go forward using Dr. Zhamaj Anti-Age Cream. They are whisked away into a strange fort in the middle of a city. This fort is heavily defended, with traps, monsters, and puzzles. Their they find the secrets of the past full of tragedy, the future full of cute ram people, and the present filled with something stranger, the power of godhood.

Somehow they managed to explore everything in about four hours, truly an accomplishment.



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