The Expedition

They Came From Beneath

And were Risen above

Party: Adrian, Amelia, Arturia, Cait, and Zana
Quest Giver: Dockworker Danny
Objectives: Beat up some Lobsterats (Passed), Beat up some Leukainine (Passed), Survive the mighty Tiger Shark (Passed), Pull at least one 5-Star on the new Gacha (Passed)
-Tiger Shark Flippers [Feet Slot] – Grants the Wearer a Swim Speed of 10 ft
-Leukainine Vest [Chest Slot] – Provides the effects of Waterproof to the wearer. Extremely fashionable {Adrian, Arturia, Cait, and Zana}
-Leukollar [Neck Slot] – Grants the Wearer the Ability to Breathe water as well as air for up to 1 Hour. Extremely Fashionable {Amelia only}
-Edenic Gacha Carrying Case {50 gp Value} – Holds up to 70 Gacha Cards.
-Free 7-Pull on the Summer Gacha Banner. One guaranteed SR or SSR.
-One Faction Experience for Arturia
-One Character Experience for Arturia, Cait, and Zana

Total Time Passed: 1 Day

A great day at the beach in late-summer turns into a bloodbath when the newly discovered Tiger Shark rises up from the depths to take a bite out of the party. In addition, a much darker shadow falls over the people of Nytt.




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