The Expedition

Tournament of the Endless Echo: Step up from the Streets

Five Years, Eight Contestants, The Roar of a Crowd

Party: Amelia, Fargrim
Quest Giver: Adrian Schalice and Debora Tanropi
Objectives: Have at least one Participant in each round of the Tournament (Pass)
Reward: One Paragon Rank for All, One Hero Point for All. [+2 to Checks to Influence other Citizens of Nytt {Permanent, and stacks with the first tournament}]

1st Prize – Eunomia Phandona [Golden Belt worth 500 gp, Green Destiny, One set of Moliphite Armor, Shield, or Weapon]

2nd Prize – Amelia Enroth [Silver Gauntlet worth 250 gp, One free week with a team of legal aid/auditors for accounting and forgery checking. Redeemable within the next 5 years. One set of Moliphite Armor, Shield, or Weapon]

3rd Prize – LaViolet Quarance [Bronze Headband worth 100 gp, One Free Outfit from Soul Threads, redeemable within the next year, One set of Moliphite Armor, Shield, or Weapon]

Downtime Days: 7 Days

The Tournament of the Endless Echoes has come and gone again. We saw many great fights, and experienced bitter losses as well as thrilling victories. Green Destiny enters Eunomia’s hands and heads south to Architon. For now the story is complete.

Please look forward to “Tournament of the Endless Echo 3: Francis Feedback” in five years time!



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