The Expedition

Two and a Half Exiles

With Special Guest Star: Vic'Shoal

Party: Zira, Adrian, Amelia
Quest Giver: Councilor Zira
Objectives: Investigate Hollylynn’s Disappearance (Passed), Pay off a total snitch (Passed), Defeat Vic’Shoal {Round 3} (Passed), Convince some Exiles to stop being Exiled (Passed)
Reward: Ayano Kita [Return to Nytt], Hollylynn Farmeadow [Relocation to Bowlt’s Outpost] One Character Experience for All
_Green Destiny (Corrosive Greatsword) [Adrian only]
Total Time Passed: Three Weeks (21 Days)

The gang follows a tip they bribed off of a bird. Hijinks ensue.



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