The Expedition

Winter's Last Gasp

Right before being resuscitated

Party: Adrian Schalice, Arturia Pale, Joseph Crowell, Darius Arrawran
Quest Giver: Councilor Joseph Crowell
Objectives: Track the Winter Weasels to their Den (Passed), Collect some field samples (Passed), Collect at least one Winter Weasel corpse (Passed), Deal with the Winter Matriarch (Passed)
Fancy Winter Cap [Head Slot] – Provides Cold Resist 2 {Extremely Fashionable}
700 gp
Two Faction Experience for Adrian
One Faction Experience for Arturia
One Character Experience for All
Total Time Passed: 3 Days

The Winter Weasels have assaulted their last wall, and Councilor Crowell is on the warpath to stop them once and for all. He recruits two local citizens, and press gangs another for service. Their path is short, only reaching a day or so from the walls of Nytt.

Their ensuing battle against the natives and the ceasefire using alcohol as a bargaining tool will surely be used as a tale of tactical brilliance for years to come.



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