The Expedition

Zodiac Brave Story

7s and 12s

Party: Adrian, Zira, Roy, Ondo, Cait, Ariki, Fargrim
Quest Giver: ???
Objectives: Defeat the Astrologian through Word or Blade (Passed)
-Astrologian Spirit Gem [Provides limited power of varying ability. See PMs for details]
-One Character Experience to Roy, Ondo, Cait, Ariki, Fargrim
-One Paragon Rank to Adrian and Zira

Total Time Passed: Three Weeks [For non-sea traveling PCs]

The crew of the Pegasapphire II, the Slithering Serpent, and strangely a single case in the town of Nytt, experience odd dreams in which they make contact with members of the long-dead Astrologians.

After some time to make repairs, following the Ratieldic Assault, both ships make anchor on the southern shores of Edenecho, set to split up and continue their respective delegations.



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