Adrian Schalice

A man of many spirits.


Title: Honorary Councilor, The Stumbling Psion, Schalice, Story Teller, Spirit Mole
Rank: 33
Experience: 21 + 5 prestige points.

Prestige Spent:

2 = Level 11
3 = Trait

Adrian stands at about 5’7" and has brown eyes, brown hair, and tanned skin. He wears a variety of outfits depending on his mood. The six most common are:

Normal – Standard Brown Pants, Solid Boots, Long Sleeve tunics, sturdy belt, and tends to dress in grey, light purples, and blues.

Pigheaded – Loose green pants, a darker green shirt that more lays on his shoulders, open in the front, sleeves are a little too long and cover his hands, wears a necklace that has a charred piece of wood as a pendant.

Carefree – Light blue pants, no shirt, uses two headbands, one around his head, and one to put up a ponytail, wears a frayed cape with the imagery of a scorpion on it, will usually forgo shoes.

Energetic – Wears heavier leathers lined with furs, a heavy winter white winter cloak, and a pair of tinted goggles.

Domineering – Tight light green sleeveless shirt and a loin cloth,

Subdued – Plain brown pants frayed at the end, off white tunic, a piece of rope to act as a belt.

Exploritive – Purple robe.


Kawa no Seihai was born in the Imperial Capital of Qui Melja, son to a courtesan of high regard.His early years are a hazy dream of regal hallways and fine foods, though that changed one day when his mother Kawa no Hamayu got into an argument with the esteemed elder of their household. He never learned what about, but from that day on they no longer lived in comfort.

Adjusting to life on the streets was difficult. Food became more difficult to find. His mother… seemed more stressed, and she would come home with strange marks on her some days. But, he was happy, for he had his mother, and she was the only person he needed in his life. It didn’t matter that he had no friends, or that he didn’t receive lessons anymore, or that food was usually stale bread. He was a strong child, and his healthy body made it so he toughed out the few nights when they couldn’t eat. When his mother walked through the door, his world would light up.

Then came the plague.

It started with a cough. Then a fever. What happened next was a blur, bits of people with strange masks, and them being taken to a large hut. He would lay there, and the bodies around him would writhe and toss and turn. Light would appear sometimes. Shortly after he would feel food pressed to his lips and he would eat. This was his life, Pain, barely able to think, darkness, light, food. Sometime he noticed that the bodies around him didn’t move so much.

The cold was always a problem, he would never feel warm, for all that he was burning up. Someone found him a blanket and lay next to him. The warmth in that moment was almost comforting. It soon grew cold.

He drifted in and out, almost coming to accept his new life.Though he grew hungry. Food had stopped coming to him. The light would appear, but none came. Eventually he would rouse to find food himself, He would turn and find his mother next to him, unmoving, and never to move again. He would wrap his blanket (Now discovered to be nothing more then a frayed and bloody cloak) around himself, He would wait for the light to appear, a man with food, and he would claim his portion. Oddly half of what he remembered eating before.

There he sat and in his filth and illness, the dead and dying around him. It would be easy to stop eating, but something… something at the edge of his mind kept him going. He would dream of fighting, he would wake and fight to live. Until one day the man came and cleared the bodies. Weeks later they were freed from the lodge.

Having nowhere to go he roamed the streets, he was alive, but had no life. He would have died on his own, if not for a small time crook picking him up. Hence, Adrian was born into this world. A message runner for a while, and then as he grew older an enforcer.

Adrian, for all his frailty, had developed strong muscles, and a skill at breaking legs.He would support himself for years by showing up where he was told and standing with a club. Sometimes that was enough. Sometimes he had to crack a knee.

Years passed and Adrian’s jobs would become more and more intricate, culminating in a job to go to a local institution of learning. Where he would scope out a students schedule and if need be. Secure the student as… collateral.

Here though, his life changed, for while at this academy Adrian would fall in love with learning. His eyes would be opened to the world, and he would gain a hunger. A hunger to see the world with his own eyes, and learn all he could. So, using the funds he had saved up, he fled the country, stowing away on vessel, and ended up in the land of Teycit. He would use his skills of thuggery to get in with a band of adventurers, and for a time his life was joyous.

The life of and adventurer can be like that of a celebrity, you have never met such wonderful gratitude in people then when you save them from a small band of evils that lurk in the night. Adrian would sing and drink and fuck his way through the rest of his days if things hadn’t changed… but as is typical with adventurers, they eventually bit off more then they could chew.

After it was all over Adrian lay dying in a pool of blood, his, his friends, their enemies. And it didn’t matter, it was a waste, their lives gone, for a few pieces of gold and an old pair of goggles. Adrian closed his eyes and dreamt of of soaring wings.

And to his surprise woke up. Who knew how long had passed, but somehow he had survived. He stumbled his way to the nearest town, where he spent weeks recovering. In that time his dreams were vivid, and alien. Hard to understand. When he was finally well enough to go out again he would begin to experiment. There was no reason for him to survive. out of all his friends, him?

He would find a connection. Two even, one so old he could barely remember a time without it, and one recent.

And so Adrian delved into the concept of spirits, realizing he had a gift he would travel the world to cultivate it, finding a spirit who would aid him in his life. During this time, his knowledge would grow, and he would learn of the world, and it’s sorid history.

Edenecho was a breath of fresh air. A land of promises, a land not tainted by bloodshed, no legends of betrayal. No civil wars. No secret societies. He needed to go.

He lucked out in the end. He managed to run into Vania, someone he had a passing familiarity with from that school, so many years ago. She had a more formal education, and together they published a paper on their theory of Edenecho’s origin, and how it could have implications for the world itself. THe paper was enough to earn them spots on the second expedition.

Shortly after arriving Adrian was able to secure himself a spot as the personal aide to the fifth council seat Amphirite Fizzlewake.

Following his dive into the Temple of Akte-Hale, he has found himself as a candidate for godhood

Accomplishments: He was instrumental in deciphering the language of the land and founding Edenic in the modern era. He aided in capturing a large fire proof canine, he assisted in freeing a lost soul and cleaning up the Ley-Line, and for helping map out the southern plains and capturing a Winter Weasel. Retrieving the Cane of Akte-Hale, helped retrieve Choridium, Help discover a mine for Iron, Helped discover a quarry. Infamous for almost killing himself through meditation several times. Executed the hunter “Domino the Destitute” in an act of street justice. Acquired a High Priestess with the title of “Chief Editor”, stole the rainbow herb from the Great Ivar. Helped fight vs the undead megatuna, and obtained a second ideal. Found a church and have a precious baby girl. Channeled the god ARC-H1ON, and withstood the Trial of Knowledge.

Mission History:
The Crimson Canine, An Elkritch Horror, Scouting Legion (Act II), Temple of the Horse (First Delve), Temple of the Horse (Second Delve), Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency, Stardust Crusaders, Stonewalled Politics, Talking Heads, A Change of Seasons, One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Bear, DSotM, Harvest Festival, Two and a Half Exiles, One Cold Winter’s Night, Winter’s Last Gasp, Spring Cleaning, Festival of the Second Coming, [[Hard Rock Reunion Tour: A-Side | Hard Rock Reunion Tour: A-Side]], Forging the Trident, The Nine Above, They Came From Beneath, Late-Summer Meal Prep, Setting the Table, Temples and Templars 2e, Zodiac Brave Story, Birds of a Feather, Light my Fire, [[Festival of the Second Coming [Round 2] | Festival of the Second Coming [Round 2]]], [[Festival of the Second Coming: Year 2 | Festival of the Second Coming: Year 2]], Universal Break IX, Northern Acrid Mire Exploration, Early Bird Gets the Worm, Universal Break X, Spirit Cruiselines, The Ones Who Walk in Darkness (Chapter 0), The Ones Who Walk In Darkness (Chapter 1), [[Black Fire Upon Us: A-Side – Dream of Mirrors | Black Fire Upon Us: A-Side – Dream of Mirrors]], Resetting the Board, and The Lost Archives

Adrian Schalice

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