Amphirite Fizzlewake

Merfolk Royalty, Free Spirit


Born to the noble ruling family of Merfolk inhabiting the underwater ruins of the ex-Cidoperian city of Sinneton, Amphirite has always been a soul destined for greatness, despite her own protests that she’s just like anyone else. A once-in-a-generation genius, the Merfolk quickly outstripped her peers in arts both mundane and magical at a young age, leading all to believe that she would be the next one to lead their clan.

However, it wasn’t a destiny that Amphirite longed for. A naturally curious spirit, she couldn’t imagine a life of being stuck to a single city to rule when there was such an enormous natural world out there to explore. It was around that time in her life that the new land of Edenecho made itself known. Having knowledge that such a place certainly hadn’t existed below the seas prior to it’s arrival above the waves, the land called to the Mermaid, brimming with possibilities. After a fair bit of deliberation and arguments with her own council at home, it was decided that Amphirite would be the only of her kind to join the First Expedition, aided along with several gifts of wealth from home, to help the founding of a settlement when she arrived.

Upon her arrival in Edenecho, she did her best to help build the settlement from the ground up, but found herself mostly unable to aid due to her lack of strength. Forgoing that, she attempted to join the Recon Corps, but found herself entirely too slow on land to keep up with the rest of the scouts. It was then that she resigned herself to the fact that if she wished to help build out this new land, it would have to be from a support position, strengthening the village that they had built while she flopped about. Her dream of exploration would have to be put on hold.

With the arrival of the Second Expedition, Amphirite has found new hope that the fresh support will be able to bolster the Recon Corps enough to find either something worth researching from her desk, or some body of water for her to happily help explore.

Amphirite Fizzlewake

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