Arduin Maximus

Human Inquisitor, Zodiac Faithful


Arduin stands at an even 6’0" with a well-built 200 lbs. He is commonly seen in his well-kept religious attire which don’t seem to denote any particular or singular deity, ancient or otherwise. Arduin also carries his sacred text with him wherever he goes, as he has never been seen to part from it. It seems to fulfill many roles in his life, and at times seems to have a life of its own.


For those that have inquired, they’re aware that Arduin is a descendant of Titus Maximus, a decorated war veteran who was slain at the hands of the first known Herald Hunters on Jacoria. Arduin does not seem to hold any grudge on the matter though, as he was not alive to grow any emotional attachment to those events and the peoples surrounding them.

While most seem to take the approach of moving past the Age of Gods and the turmoil that accompanied them, Arduin has an avid interest in the Zodiac Pantheon. Seeking to learn from the mistakes of the past, he has a rather unique take on the Zodiacs and their role in the world. He is convinced that they are still very much alive and are simply awaiting an opportunity to be invited back into the lives of the citizens of Jacoria.

Arduin Maximus

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