Cadenza Anam

Celebrity Chef, Renown Bard


(DC 10) Cidoper’s premiere traveling diva, Cadenza is known throughout the heartland as among the greatest musicians on the planet. Never content to rest on her laurels, she moves from continent to continent with her brother, ever increasing her fame. Whether the trip to Edenecho is of a genuine curiosity or simply a publicity stunt is yet to be foreseen.

(DC 15) With as pure a heart as they come, Cadenza’s reason for traveling to Edenecho is one of both curiosity to discover more of the world, and aid the morale of her fellow colonists, believing that keeping spirits up is among the most important duties for an officer of a community.

(DC 20) Deep down within, Cadenza’s truest wish for life is for her voice to leave a lasting impact upon the world. She knows that her youth and beauty won’t last forever, and hopes to think of something truly profound to tell the world before they inevitably stop listening to her. Cadenza’s Ideal is ‘Word’.


Cadenza Anam

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