Charles LaCroix

Unimposing Demeanor, Prefers Spirits over Science


A direct descendant of famed Astrologian Teycitite General, Harold LaCroix, Charles’ life has been one of relative distance from his ancestral people. Whereas most denizens of Teycit enjoy the increased ease of which their lives have come to know with the technological revolution, Charles prefers to shun science, in favor of Jeoujian Spiritcraft. He spent most of his early life among the Imperial lands, learning what he could of their magicks and culture.

As a surprise to none that know of his lineage, Charles’ reasoning for going to Edenecho is to gain prestige for himself and his family name, hoping that one day his own moniker might shine as brightly as his ancestors. His proficiency in a fringe branch of necromancy, used by animating the earth and stone around him instead of the corpses of the fallen, has earned him many an odd eye on the new land.

Yet, for all his supposed bluster, at his core LaCroix is a calm and focused man, sometimes even bordering on sluggish as he drags his feet from place to place around town. His position as Seat Seven among the Council of Edenecho is an honest shock to most people, who wonder what sort of person would possibly vote for such an off-putting gentleman. Yet still, he diligently performs the duties that the rest of the Council assigns him, not having much of a personal agenda as of yet.

Charles LaCroix

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