Cre'en Badgerjaw

Construction Specialist


(DC 10) Cre’en was born in the southwestern mountainous region of Cidoper right before the dawn of the Post Conflict Era, and knew strife throughout most of his early life with the war that raged all around his home nation. He found his work as a siege engineer, excelling in the art to help protect key cities.

(DC 15) As he grew older, he came to resent war and all that came with it, taking an oath of pacifism the moment the ceasefires were drawn up. From there, he turned his attention in construction toward something more positive, in helping to rebuild the broken country.

(DC 20) Coming to Edenecho was not Cre’en’s first choice, by far. He was pushed into it by his local Architect’s Guild, who wished to take his position. Not wishing to start a fight, he begrudgingly agreed, and has done his best to help Nytt grow from the ground up. Cre’en’s Ideal is ‘Structure.’



Cre'en Badgerjaw

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