Du'Sin Nekuda

Prominent Hunter, Unexpectedly Good Farmer


(DC 10) A famed hunter among the Saiuruish people, Du’Sin has long known the calls of the wild since his time as a child. Reportedly raised by jaguars, the Half-Orc has made a name for himself as a shrewd and cunning combatant, often working in tandem with his large feline companion, Stripe.

(DC 15) ???

(DC 20) ???


Born of Half-Orcs, but allegedly raised by jaguars in the jungles of Saiurus, Du’Sin has long known the call of the wilds coursing through his veins. A famed Hunter among the western continent of Saiurus, Du’Sin is well known for his abilities to hunt and track creatures alongside his faithful feline companion, a large jaguar known as Stripe.

Originally in Edenecho for the thrill of the hunt and opportunity to seek out new foes, Du’Sin joined the newly formed Historical Reclamation Society in the hopes that they would lead him forward into glory. However, as the weeks turned into months, and no glory was to be readily found among them, Du’Sin found himself leaving their ranks. Not long after, while swimming in the sea to hunt new kinds of fish, the half-orc found a peculiar new species that tasted more of honey than salt. Eager to taste this further, he began to devise a way to lure the fish in, drawing the attention of Councilor Ashworthy; The authority on new biology found in Edenecho.

Together, the two formed an unlikely alliance and made their minds as one to properly lead a sizable amount of the fish, now dubbed ‘Honey Flounder’, into an underwater farm where they could be safely and sustainably harvested. After such a success, Du’Sin went on to aid the local farmers with their production of crops, using his surprising knowledge of agriculture learned back in his youth in Saiurus.

For his efforts, Du’Sin was elected into the Council on the last election cycle, to the spot of Seat Two, much to his shock. Now in charge of helping lead the people, Du’Sin fumbles through his days trying to do his best, much more used to a free and wild lifestyle than one behind a desk.

Du'Sin Nekuda

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