Iaera Pegason

Sea Captain, Former Undertow Member


(DC 10) An openly ex-member of The Undertow, Iaera made her beginning as a rigger for the infamous pirating group, excelling in the climbing arts. After she had learned what she could of the sea, she made her exit from the group, and sought out the first boat to Edenecho that she could find.

(DC 15) ???

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Brought up among the islands of Diaolia, Iaera has always been the sort to have trouble find her no matter where she goes. An experienced sea dog, she marked her beginnings as a member of The Undertow, a notorious conglomerate of piracy around the seas of Diaolia. It was through them and their expertise that she became half the privateer she is to this day, and while she never had much of a taste for their more cutthroat ways, she has an understanding that sometimes hard choices have to be made to get the job done.

Upon the discovery of Edenecho, Iaera slowly started to set her escape route from The Undertow, as they were well known for not letting members readily leave after teaching them how to sail. Through a combination of timing, skill, and mostly pure luck, she managed to evade the forces pursuing her on her way to the First Expedition’s meeting point. Even if the Undertow wished to pursue her, they knew that assaulting the location of a worldwide collaborative effort would only bring down the full force of Jacoria upon them, and decided to let the woman go, so long as she never strayed from the waters of Edenecho again.

Now a woman with a small ship, barely any crew, and a wanting only to survive, Iaera threw in her lot with the rest of the First Expedition, helping them keep the coasts clear of any hostile threats, be they natural or otherwise, as well as helping the Recon Corps map the general outline of the new continent. Her completed maps of Edenecho’s coastline, along with her willingness to keep the people safe from nautical harm, netted her Seat Three in the latest elections. While Iaera does possess an office in the Nytt Longhouse, she much prefers to stay aboard her ship, and can be found delegating orders to her crew from there.

Iaera Pegason

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