Joseph Crowell

Merciful Warrior, Noble Soul


(Hopeful Colonist) Male Human Cavalier

(DC 10) An honorable Cidoperian knight who gained popularity by forming militias to seek out and destroy bandit camps that had been springing up around the countryside as the dust still settled, decades after the World War had concluded. His fighting style is of a non-lethal variety using his glaive, sparing even beasts from death in the heat of battle.

(DC 15) Friendly and caring to a fault, Joseph made his way to Edenecho not of a particularly personal interest, but as a favor to his long time friend, Cadenza Anam. Rumors say that the knight agreed to come along as a sort of bodyguard to the diva, intent to keep her safe from whatever the wild, uncharted lands had to offer.

(DC 20) ???


Born to a family of mercenaries in the hilly region of Cidoper near it’s capitol, Jacoria Prime, Joseph has always had a fire for justice burning in his heart. His younger days were filled with battles and strife, always fighting for his life against banditry that had sprung up in his homeland after the conclusion of the World War of the Post-Conflict Era. As he aged, he grew in strength and prestige for his natural charisma, joining together mercenary bands to wipe Cidoper’s heartland clean of these bandit camps. He is notably famous for a specific detail about the battles; Joseph has never taken the life of another humanoid while in battle.

Preferring a method that would show that bloodshed would only beget further bloodshed, the young commander swept across the countryside with his signature glaive, carving a nonlethal path of justice. When all was said and done, he retired early, confident that his mercenary bands would continue on his work. However, that all changed with the appearance of Edenecho.

Not initially interested in traveling to the new land for himself, Joseph’s opinion changed when he was approached by a young woman named Cadenza Anam; A girl that he’d once saved from the clutches of banditry when she was much younger. Having maintained a friendly, almost fatherly bond with the girl over the years, he could not help but agree to accompany her and her brother to the lands of Edenecho, where she hoped that her songs would help bolster the strength of any scouting legions that grew within the land.

Upon arriving in Edenecho, Joseph’s fame as a wise military commander drew him immediate attention from the other colonists, who elected him on as part of the first ruling Council of Edenecho. In the several months until the Second Expedition arrived, Joseph has maintained his spot as Seat One on the Council, doing his best to ensure that the village of Nytt will be a safe place for all that come.

Joseph Crowell

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