Nimroddle Gloralmath


(Inquisitive Scholar) Male Gnome Investigator
(DC 10) Hailing from the snake-shaped islands of Arroway in the south territories of Diaolia, Nimroddle was, at first, a rather shy child, preferring to keep his nose in the tomes of ancient texts detailing Diaolite wonders that existed before the Lunar Crash of 674. Truly, his life was set to be one of peace, warm sunny days, and a good book by his side.

(DC 15) However, his path toward joining the First Expedition was exactly only one of those things. Kidnapped by pirates during a stormy day by the port to be used as ransom (or, barring a decent payment, slavery), young Gloralmath was given a crash course on true life in the Diaolite seas. He was held captive for several months, the captain at the time finding a use for his knowledge, quick wits, and most importantly, his ability to read the ancient language of Cyclops, a rather rare trait. One fateful day, while his crew was engaged in battle with an adventurer and her scrappy crew, Nimroddle found himself kidnapped once again (Or ‘aggressively rescued’ as his new Captain would later recount it).

(DC 20) The Gnomish scholar spent the next few years with this strange new captain’s crew, helping sink ships belonging to the old conglomerate he’d been press-ganged into (Now an organization known to him as ‘The Undertow’). His new captain, who would only answer to ‘Captain Tanropi’, was far kinder than his old one. Although still mostly unwilling to engage in acts of derring-do and adventuring, one thing still struck true with Nimroddle; His pursuit of ancient knowledge. When Tanropi first heard of Edenecho and decided to join the First Expedition, Gloralmath felt that just maybe she had a sense for the type of adventure he’d like to be a part of. Nimroddle’s Ideal is ‘Discovery’


Nimroddle Gloralmath

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