Peregrin Ashworthy

Diviner, Biology Researcher


(DC 10) A famed scholar of ancient arts both mystical and mundane, Peregrin had a shaky start of his career as the Halfling servant of a prestigious Jeoujian judge. When not being worked to the bone, he studied what he could of ancient texts, and gained a great deal of divinations from them, eventually working his way up into a position to bargain for his freedom, via a scholarly trip to Edenecho.

(DC 15) ???

(DC 20) ???


Not generally one to speak of his past, reports of Peregrin Ashworthy (born into a servant class role in the capitol of Jeouji, Qui Melja), are a bit incomplete. From what can be pieced together, he started off his journey as the personal aide to a prestigious judge in the Imperial Capitol, quickly learning the intricacies of language and the arts. In addition, he possessed a rare gift among the Jeoujian people in a Post-Conflict Era; The ability to channel divinity into a tangible power.

Through the years, he rose in both power, and respect, and eventually bargained with his employer for his freedom, in return for a divining of the man’s future. He was granted his leave to go to the new continent of Edenecho to research the possible lifeforms that may have sprung up there, though the concept of where such a place could have come from in the first place interested him a great deal more.

During his time on Edenecho, Peregrin has done his best to keep a relatively low profile, even from his spot as Seat Four on the Council. Most days, he can be found in his office, meditating and researching the new lifeforms to fulfill his promise to his old employer.

Peregrin Ashworthy

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