Sabrina Sombra



(High Aspirations) Female Human Rogue 6

(DC 10) The third daughter and fifth child of famed Cidoperian chef, Freya Sombra, Sabrina never knew much in the ways of a future inheritance. Though well loved enough by her family and trained to become a proficient chef, she knew she would never amount to much if she simply stuck to the same old routine of fronting restaurants and inns like her ancestors before her.

(DC 15) But lo and behold, Edenecho, and more locally, the town of Nytt, were very much in need of such a place when they finally set up shop. Having hoped to eventually help lead this new land with a shrewd and cunning eye, Sabrina took advantage of this to leverage her skills against the citizens of the Expedition. When the time came for an opening in the Council (after a rather rough scandal involving Planar wells and misinformation), Sabrina made her move and gained enough support to barely make it into the Council.

(DC 20) Now that she was there however, she quickly realized that she didn’t actually know how to lead an entire colony. A restaurant staff was one thing, but now the very citizens she’d wooed over the months looked to her for guidance on her policies. It would take everything in her power to continue to convince them that she was a good choice for leadership. Sabrina’s Ideal is Extemporize.

(DC 30) {Secret Knowledge} Ms Sombra’s great success comes a fair deal from her own natural skill, but a good portion of her knowledge in cooking can be traced back to a family heirloom that is copied down for each child in every generation of the Sombra line. Without her treasured cookbook, she would surely fall into despair. Sabrina’s Signature Item is ‘Sombra Family Cookbook Volume 9E’



Sabrina Sombra

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