Zaul Galimak

A passionate chef


XP: 10
Rank: 8

A boisterous, heavy-set, yet dexterous half-orc; donned in a rather flamboyant-style of clothing, stashed and protected by a glistening breastplate. He always has his trademark indigo hat with him, no matter where he goes or is; same could be said for both his trusty rapier, and a well-crafted axe with a well-balanced haft excellent for throwing or bashing. To go with his flamboyant-attire, is a personality of fervent passion and pride, as he carries to use in everything he does.

Zaul is an experienced, skilled hunter as his right by his natural birthright, and thus has a deep respect for nature. That birthright can also make him somewhat tactless and blunt, but for a Saiurusish, he is quite civilized. Taking advantage of his primitive birth and civilized lifestyle, Zaul has become a unique, yet devoted culinarian expert; wanting to bring it to challenge himself with what unique creatures Edenecho may present.


Born and raised within Saiurus, as apart of tribe that hunted for spiritual sport to venerate the natural society of natural selection. Zaul was raised initially to be a hunter of the new age, but he had much broader aspirations for his life than to remain among his tribal family. With dreams of wandering the world to see what feature there are beyond the massive jungles of Saiurus. Thus, when he came of age at 15, Zaul made his beginnings to venture out into the rest of Jacoria. For the first year, he was mostly remaining to himself, while very much portraying the primitive Saiurusish that any outsider would easily notice. It wasn’t until his fourth quarter into the new year, he came upon joining a Mercenary Band within Cidoper.

The Captain had a fond liking of Zaul since he first saw him; had a bright eagerness in his eyes that burned with fervor of learning. Into the next year, the Captain became something of a father-figure for Zaul, and started to become more civilized like the majority of Cidoperians. Didn’t take long after into the year for Zaul to become a true member of the band; bringing along his experience with: wilderness, hunting, and cooking. Meanwhile, the other members started to also include a bit more education alongside the improved civilized stature. To which brought on a dream he has had for over the next dozen years; wanting to personally slay a dragon.

After these next dozen years passed by, word spread to the band about the appearance of Edenecho. The whole band thought of going, but could only for the time afford to send one out along with the second expedition. With trials pitting the whole band against each other for the prime spot, it came to the last of’em with a game a drinks. Profiting from his orcish-nature, Zaul out-drank his last few rivals to guarantee his spot. Afterwards, Zaul made his way to board the ship with the rest of the second expedition; hoping to bring his bright passion to invigorate the beginnings of such an endeavor.

Upon arrival, he wasn’t fully sure where he’d wind up among the progressive community, although, in one day he manages to catch his sights on a beautiful bard. For the next few days, he tracks down the human to the Recon Corps, and fully enlists in to see about finally getting an introduction, however, been working a lot in trying to reorganize and fix map, while providing materials for the good Doctor. Through these long months, Zaul has gotten a rep with his cooking among the HQ; good enough to garner th attention of Cadenza, the bard he has fancied since the first week. For now he steadily grows his connections among the HQ, and strengthens his bond with Cadenza.

Zaul Galimak

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