The Expedition

A Lightning Lead

No Lead was harmed in the filming of this episode

Party: Zira, Jean Pierre
Quest Giver: Council Scribe Zira
Objectives: Make peace with the Molemen (Passed), Navigate the Caves (Passed), Beat up some lightning creatures (Passed), Defeat the mighty Power Wolf (And his Power Splitter) (Passed)
Reward: Fifty Platinum in precious Crystals,
Sash of Emergency Energy [Belt Slot] – Activates when Unconscious or Helpless. Deals 2d6 Electric Damage to any creature attempting a coup de gras against you. Works 1/day.
One Character Experience for Zira, One Faction Experience for Zira, Five Faction Experience for Jean Pierre
Total Time Passed: Six Days

Zira and Charles LaCroix have a nice jog through the seemingly endless caves that reside beneath Edenecho’s surface, learning a bit more about each other. A harrowing ordeal with a Powerwolf nearly claims LaCroix’s life, but his ever trusty friend Jean Pierre is there with the save. Zira does most of the heavy lifting.



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