The Expedition

Companion Flavortown

With a hint of Maple Syrup

Party: Zaul, Zira, Roy, Alex
Quest Giver: Zaul Galimak
Objectives: Find a proper wait staff (Passed?) Convince Manager Elkheart to let the poster stay up (Failed), Collect some secret herbs and spices (Passed), Properly issue a challenge (Passed), Win at least half of the event positions (Failed), Win the Contest of Culinary Craftsmanship (Passed), Win the overall contest (Failed)
Reward: Fifteen Platinum,
Crown of Foliage [Head Slot] {Prevents Confusion effect once/day},
One Character Experience for All, One Faction Experience for All
Total Time Passed: One Week (7 Days)

The battle for Nytt’s soul has finally begun, in the kitchen of the newest restaurant, ’Nytt’s Companion’. Although aided by a staff that’s effective in the field, urban work takes its toll on Zaul’s side of the competition versus Sabrina Sombra of the Hippocampus Cafe.

Although the contest ends in the Councilor’s favor, the true winners of the evening are the people of Nytt, who enjoy a good meal, and now have some variety in what they choose to eat.



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