The Expedition

Diamond is Unbreakable

Learning where the Snake lurks

Party: Astrid, Zira
Quest Giver: Vice Captain Nimroddle Gloralmath
Objectives: Prevent Mawkis Talot’s Death (Failed), Discover Serien Messer’s Identity (Passed), Defeat Serien Messer (Passed), Prevent Giorgio Nilarask’s Death (Passed)
Reward: Fifty Platinum Pieces, One Character Experience for All. One Faction Experience for Zira. Two Faction Experience for Astrid.
{Unique Item} Rust – Stalking Diamond Dagger [May Cast Polymorph 2/day] (Bound to Serien Messer. Acts as Masterwork Diamond Dagger for anyone else.)
Total Time Passed: Two Hours (1 Day)

After being swept into the investigation of a recent string of murders, HRS Recruit Astrid Wolfrunner finds herself caught in the middle of a life or death situation against a shapeshifting assassin who has been targeting ex members of the Undertow. After forcing the assassin into the streets, Council Aide Zira jumps in to aid the case, and enlists the entire active HRS to help hunt the assailant down.

After a short chase and a quick eye from the Vice Captain, the assassin reveals himself as Serien Messer, a recent Candidate for Edenecho’s Godhood. He wishes any Candidates in the area good fortune, and kills himself on the spot, confident in his position. Fortunately, the party manages to locate Curator Nilarask before he bleeds out. The mood remains heavy, though the hope of a brighter tomorrow looms on the horizon.



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