The Expedition

Golden Wind

It Just Works

Party: Amelia, Zaul, Zana, Astrid, Zira
Quest Giver: Commander Chan’Gei Bowlt
Objectives: Remember the Recon Corps Creed (Passed), Map up several new hexes (Passed), Cross the dangerous 2-foot river depth (Passed), Discover a new type of fruit, and name it accordingly (Passed), Defeat a Crimson Emperor (Passed)
Reward: 370 Platinum, 12 Squemons [New Food] (Provides +1 Alchemical Bonus to Fortitude saves for 1 day) One Character Experience for All, One Faction Experience for Amelia, Zaul, and Zana
Total Time Passed: Three and a half Weeks (25 Days)

The A-Z Team departs into the wilds on the recommendation of Commander Bowlt of the Recon Corps, to go and finish out some of the newly named Bowltwoods, and maybe even start breaking into an area that he’s been considering calling the Golden Hills.

Upon their journey, they discover such dangers as crossing a river with a wagon, a particularly difficult off-screen boar battle, discovering a new type of lemon [called a Squemon], and the burden of being just too darned good at mapping. However, their good times were soon to come to an end, as they discovered a Crimson Emperor, a felinous predator of the Hills who had many abilities to ensure it’s own survival. However, with a mixture of teamwork, coordination, and just a little bit of luck, they manage to lay the beast low and return to Nytt relatively unscathed.



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