The Expedition

Hall of the Ox I: A-Side

She's cracked, and where she's gone there's no coming back

Party: Hein, Astrid, Amelia, Zira
Quest Giver: The Historical Reclamation Society
Objectives: Locate the Silo Trial Site (Passed), Aid the ailing HRS (Passed), Discover the location of the sniper (Passed), Defeat the Tidal Wave of Clearwater cats (Passed), Defeat Benjamin, the Horned Hunter (Passed), Defeat Ha’Li Woad, the Cracked (Passed)
Reward: 200 Platinum in artifacts from the ruins, [Rifling] Research now Available, One Character Experience for All, One Faction Experience for Zira and Amelia. Two Faction Experience for Hein and Astrid
Total Time Passed: Three Weeks (21 Days)

The first party sets out into the Golden Hills region of Edenecho to respond to a call for help from the HRS, who claim to be pinned down by a sniper around the Trial Site of Charola. Upon arriving in the area, they come across a river, quite a few hills, some dead bodies, and a large silo, still looking in fairly good condition.

The trail to find the sniper is long, arduous, full of Phantasmal cats, and bloody, but in the end, the party manages to defeat the Hunter Ha’Li with a swiftly delivered sap to the back of the head, destroying her instantly. The HRS is spared further casualties by the quick thinking of Zira, who summons some fire Elementals to help them hold their position against an army of cats while the rest of the group moves to confront the sniper. Amelia enters an extremely rage-induced duel to the death against a polite, wolf-hating gentleman. Astrid and Raul learn to swim.



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