The Expedition

Hall of the Ox II: B-Side

Drawing the Curtain on the Beast of Burden

Party: Roy, Zaul, Zana, Kim
Quest Giver: The Historical Reclamation Society
Objectives: Locate the Silo (Passed), Pass the Riddle Trials (Passed), Defeat the Beast of Burden (Passed), Learn the Riddle of the Seasons (Passed), Show proper Perseverance (Passed), Claim the Second Candidacy for Nytt (Passed)
Reward: 100 Platinum in artifacts from the ruins, A Diamond worth 1000 gp, The Unburdened Yoke [Roy only], One Character Experience for All, One Faction Experience for All.
Total Time Passed: Three Weeks (21 Days)

The second party sets out into the Golden Hills region of Edenecho to respond to a call for help from the HRS, who claim to be pinned down by a sniper around the Trial Site of Charola. Upon arriving in the area, they come across a river, quite a few hills, some living bodies, and a large silo, still looking in fairly good condition.

They learn that the other party has already taken care of the sniper, and left the Trial alone while they rest. On Captain Tanropi’s suggestion to go seek some Glory for themselves, they descend into the Burdened Halls of Charola to brave riddles on seasons, the earth, a face down a mighty blackened bull. In the end, after much deliberation, Roy is chosen for Candidacy after giving up his most treasured possession; His own family name.



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