The Expedition

Scouting Legion (Act I)

Party: Roy, Kyras, Hardren
Quest Giver: Lieutenant Molton Anam
Objectives: Map out as much as you can of the South Coastal Plains (Pass), Convince Commander Bowlt to return to Nytt (Fail), Bring back an Ursapent for study (Pass)
Reward: 1 Character Experience for All. 1 Faction Experience for Hardren. 500 gp in precious gems. Ursapent Gland Elixir (Will negate the effects of Poison one time. [Consumable]
Total Time Passed: 14 Days (2 Weeks)

The party sets out via a ship captained by a man named Ca’Maroon to go explore the South Plains, while still making it back in time for the seasonal Council elections. Their journey is a productive one, producing maps of an excellent quality.

While on their journey, they come across the derelict Commander Chan’Gei Bowlt of the Recon Corps and try to convince him to return to Nytt for paperwork. He declines their offer, and returns to his work of mapping the forests edge after providing them with the maps he’d drawn on his own.

During the early days, a pack of wolves is fought, though they are nothing compared to the appearance of an Uraspent along the Edenecho Coastline. The battle is hard, and Roy falls early due to a combination of bite wounds and paralytic poison. Still, the party perseveres, and brings home the proverbial bacon, along with their comrade and his mount on a series of hastily crafted sleds.



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